Perception management, Social Marketing, BRAINWASHING.

I just gained a degree in health and social care, yay me?  The last year troubled me slightly though…

Social marketing is using advertising techniques to grab attention and influence the costumer, sorry client.

I was mostly taught how to manage people and brainwash clients. Yes, brainwash, you see, this is all social marketing is. So I get given a government endorsed product to ‘sell’ to people, only I do not get paid in cash, just in signatures of consent.

We had a lecturer in who discussed how he was a ‘social marketeer’ at the end of his discussion, he asked if anyone had any questions, I as usual to my tutors displeasure was quick to talk…

‘do you think social marketing is moral’ I heard myself ask. He replied ‘If done for the right reasons’…

This left me concerned of what exactly are the right reasons?

At what point is it acceptable for a person to override the function of anothers brain with trickery to gain complience for whatever, drug or action our government deems to be a correct social norm for this moment?

Firstly, social norms change. To be extreme, incest was once a social norm and is now a crime.

MMR containing Thimerisol only ten years ago was acceptable, today however it is removed. Still, social marketeers where told to ‘frame’ the way they discussed the MMR as to guilt parents. By implying there negligence by not vaccinating and triumphing there responsibility if they had.

When we look into social marketing we find it is tools stolen from demonic admen, to attract you. When we look into where this began we gain knowledge of the terms, perception management. Which is self explanatory, I will manage your perception. Manage means to direct or control and perceive means to achieve an understanding.

The module in which I was taught such an activity was called Applied Psychology. Again pretty easy to grasp. I will apply Psychology upon you.

You may enjoy watching Derren Brown and giggle at how he does such wonders, most of the things he does to gain trust and synchronisation of thought with another…are being taught on mass to healthcare experts who are being sent out to encourage the use of preventative pharmaceuticals to civilians.

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First vaccine for baby in the UK:

Pediacel: Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Hib.

When I had my little boy ten years ago this contained Thimerisol, if I only had the inclination to question my government then. Oh well, my son has Aspergers like a lot of children today, he also had a seizure at four months following many a vaccine, and was diagnosed with gastroasophical reflux (my ass).

Well, some of the ingredients in the vaccine today are:

Aluminium Phosphate: Toxoid absorbent .

Phenoxyethanol: Apparently a ‘safe’ alternative to Formaldehyde (which is still in this and many vaccines). This substance is toxic and harmful if swallowed, warnings say that it may cause reproductive defects.

Polysorbate 80: A stabaliser used mainly in cosmetics. This ensures the even distribution of ingredients. Warnings say ‘Infertility’.

Bovine Serum Albimun: Binds toxic metals.

Neomycin: Antibiotic which is considered harmful in pregnancy, category D (fetal injury posed). Toxic reactions may occur, neuromuscular blockage and respiratory paralysis.

Polymyxin B: Neurotoxic and Nephrotoxic. A neurotoxic alters the normal activity of the nervous system and can disrupt and kill neurons. Cell death essentially. A Nephrotoxin is a kidney toxin, renal function disrupter.

Streptomycin: Anti-biotic, toxin. Ototoxicity, which means ear and auditory nerve. It is also a Excitotoxin which causes nerve damage to cells, damaging the NMDA receptors. The ion channel is a cellular mechanism for learning and memory which is effected.

Formaldehyde: ‘known human carcinogen’ 30 ml of this can cause death in adults. USA congress limited the amounts used in materials after FEMA built a shit load of mobile homes with it, and residents got pretty ill. However it is still in vaccines for administration in babies…nice.

Glutaraldehyde: Toxin. Preservative. Main warning causes Ashtma.

All sounds like yummy stuff to inject an eight week old baby with, and then again at four months, and then again at… (wankers).

I have tried getting the ingredient list for Synflorix but it is hard to get a full listing and it appears GLAXOSMITHKLYNE, the makers of these vaccines are allowed to sometimes just put: powder, solvent, as they are allowed anonymity with their ‘trade secret’ in case another big pharma steals their cocktail…seriously, this fucking NONsense is about as logical as me locking up people who refuse vaccines on the grounds they will infect those already vaccinated…oh wait, FEMA are already on that.

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Ok, So having a baby on the way and being what is commonly known as a ‘truther’ I decided to investigate that lovely little first picture you get of your baby.  Not one of them with you, being held, but that little black and white one whose main purpose is to tell you the gestation and sex of baby. In other words pointless fucking information at what I have found to be a high cost. First off, a decent doc can feel your baby from your belly and know the gestation and give you a pretty good date to go on. Secondly because there are not enough parents that say NO to an ultrasound, there is no evidence which can support or argue the use of ultrasound…apparently.

Well, if you tap in Durham or Yale universities, and have a little snoop at the experiments on pregnant mice and ultrasounds. Then you get yourself some uncomfortable reading.

Those little mice in their mummies bellies developed Neurol migration.

So their brain went on holiday? When you look up Neurol migration you get told that a developing brain will have like a cluster of neurons not yet settled to their final destination. They are waiting for full development before they are in correct structural placement. These little mice however, had Neurol migration, which is abnormal brain structure or missing parts of the brain. Yeah, really…missing parts, no shit, just type in NINDS and look for yourself. NINDS by the way are experts in neurological disorders and strokes.


everything you think you know, baby is wrong?

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